Friday, October 14, 2011

Bohol Day Tour: Loboc River Cruise

Third stop of our Bohol Day Tour package is the Loboc River Cruise in the town of Loboc, Bohol Province..

Just the right time to feed our  ravenous stomachs, we were brought in by the Van to Loboc River Cruise registration point to pay for our sumptuous brunch in the famous Loboc River Floating Restaurants. Meal is offered from 10:00am-2:00pm. We arrived around 11:00am and lined up with the bigger group of  tourists. We paid Php100 per head as entrance fee and Php300 per head for unlimited food and the rests are for free aboard the Loboc River Floating Restaurant. The view, the entertainment, and  priceless experience!  

The Waiting Area and/or Docking Bay

But as we start to navigate in the Loboc River, we're even more fed with great views, festive and a relaxing atmosphere. The lunch is a buffet of local delicacies (mostly sea foods) while the band is playing a mix of OPM and POP music. A 1st class eating experience on board floating restaurants. The Floating restaurant can accommodate 50 people.

The cruise would pass the Busay Falls (a one a half meter falls), then goes back to the docking bay. We've witnessed a local performers, a local dance group dancing from the music played by the rondalla. The whole cruise took about 45 minutes. Another great Bohol experience! \m/


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