Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Palawan Day 1: Puerto Princesa City Tour

After travelling for more than an hour thru a budget arline from Cebu, we've reached Puerto Princesa Airport. We were fetched by a Multicab which we rented for our City Tour. We had our late lunch at Balinsasayaw Native Restaurant and at 2:00pm we proceeded with the tour.

Note: Rented Multicab costs us 1000Php for the  tour around the city's tourist spots. It's the usual PUJ, so I guess at most 14 people could share.

First stop of our Puerto Princesa City Tour, Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. There you could find crocodiles of different sizes and the skeleton of the 60-year old crocodile. There is also a crocodile breeding facility and a crocodile sanctuary for the big crocodiles. A mere cat is also there to entertain you, walking at your palms or wrapping around your neck. I also experienced touching a small crocodile but of course with a taped mouth =)). A fee Php30.00 is collected for a two solo and a group picture.    

Then, we headed to Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. This is one of the most talked about tourist spot in Puerto Princesa. Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm houses prisons which were transferred from Muntinlupa City Jail ( composed of captive Notorious criminals in the Philippines). This is I think the only jail facility in the Philippines detaining prisons inside a farm. They are forced to go farming and the likes because these serves as their punishment. Not the typical prison, they are free to walk around the farm, they can play outdoor games. They also have dancing inmates performing in their recreation hall and some has helped making and selling souvenir items for tourists. You would have a chance to chit chat with them. We even met two Cebuano prisoners who were caught because of  murder. One has just two wait 4 more years and the other one was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Next stop, the Palawan Rancho commonly called Mitra's Ranch. This is the rest house of the late Senator Ramon Mitra. You would get to experience a break away from city life. Some of my group tried horseback riding. I was unfortunate that time because I was sick so I was just sitting at the grass feeling cold..hehe! And I was not able to try their Zipline. Nonetheless, I enjoyed.

Last place we have visited, the Baker's Hill. A snack haus and a park in one place. You could find lots of statues of Disney characters like Donald Duck,and etc. Christmas is in the air at Baker's Hill! Sta. Claus statue is there and the place is well-decorated w/ Christmas Symbols. Marilyn Monroe and other entertaining statues would make you mesmerized. A small playground for children is also built. Kids will surely love this place and all other ages too! =))

After we've completed the tour, we passed by at the Puerto Princesa Boulevard to look for a place to dine however, we found just a few food stalls so we decided to eat at the foodcourt inside a Supermarket. (tipid! =) ). Good thing we ate their because I was able to buy a bottle of water and an energy drink.

Though I was feeling really bad that time, it was still an extraordinary afternoon. A day that was!

FYI: Puerto Princesa City has no factory and has been tagged as a Carbon Neutral City (CNC). 


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