Monday, September 19, 2011

Banaue Rice Terraces Tour Day 2: Hapao Rice Terraces

Day 2 of our Banaue Tour was at the Hapao Rice Terraces. We travelled for an hour from Banaue to the Municipality of Hungduan Registration Center, Hungduan and another 30 minutes to Hapao Rice Terraces aboard a tricycle. However, passenger jeepneys are also available for travels within the municipality and during special trips.

Hapao Rice Terraces is located at Hapao, Hungduan, Ifugao offers an extensive, breath-taking view of stonewalled rice terraces bisected by a meandering, clear and sparkling water of the Hapao River. It can be viewed along the national road. We had a better view of the terraces when we rode the bi-cable tram line, which is supposedly used for transporting of goods to and from the national road. And, that's what adventure-seekers would do just to bring even more excitement to ourselves. :) We also had a short trek at the terraces, giving me the opportunity to view the site at a closer look and be able to meet the villagers along the Hapao Rice Terraces.

Hungduan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its diverse Rice Terraces that span all over the municipality. Located North West of the capital town of Ifugao, it is here where nature is closest to man. The people are warm and friendly and belong to the Tuwali ethno-linguistic tribe of Ifugao, but then, a few speak Kalanguya. The Ihapo, Ilinge and Ipakawol are the town's tribe.

Other Places of Interest:
Bacung Spider Web Terraces
Kinga Rice Terraces
Dakkitan Rice Terraces
Nungulunan Rice Terraces
Mount Napulawan
Heritage Village
Balentimol Falls
Bogyah Hot Spring
Kibayyuwong Enchanted Stone
Tungoh Ad Hungduan
Dakkitan Natural Pool
Galung River

Distances to and from various locations in Hungduan:

  • Information Center to Hapao Rice Terraces = 2.3kms
  • Hapao Rice Terraces to Dakkitan Rice Terraces = 7.1kms
  • Dakkitan Rice Terraces to Spider Web = 1.3kms
  • Poblacion to Balentimol Waterfalls = 11kms
  • Information Center to Poblacion = 9.4kms

"Bacung Spider Web Terraces"

"Hapao Rice Terraces"

"Bi-Cable Tram Line Ride \m/"


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