Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bohol Day Tour: Tarsier Sanctuary

One of the things that I was really looking forward to see during our Bohol Day Tour is the Tarsier. Right after the Chocolates Hills, we went straight to the Tarsier Sanctuary.

Tarsier Sanctuary is a habitat for the world's smallest primate, the Philippine Tarsier. This was made to protect this species from extinction.

Tarsier measures only between 8-16 cm from toe to head. Its head can be rotated to a 180 degree, they can also jump as high as 16ft. Tarsier's eyes is bigger than its brain. Its toes are used to grip branches. Its tail is longer than its body. Tarsier is put under stress when disturbed thru touching, a loud noise and moving the tree where they stay. Tarsier normally commit suicide when they are touched by humans simply because they are not used to it.

In Tarsier Sanctuary, tourists are advised not to touch the tarsiers and in taking pictures there should be no camer flash.


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