Monday, March 26, 2012

A Guide to your Singapore Visit

You maybe a backpacker, a wanderer, a tourist, a vacationer or someone trying his luck overseas for a better job? Either of those mentioned, I bet you will be needing essential information about Singapore. Information which will be helpful to make your Singapore experience easy and worry-free.

Upon your arrival in Singapore, you will be needing S$ for sure thus, you need Forex Service. Money changing services can be found at many shopping centers and hotels around the island, and the ATMs (generally open 24/7) accept most of the main credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Quenching thirst can be that easy because tap water in Singapore is totally safe to drink.

Weather is hot and humid. Average daytime temperature is 31degrees celcius and 24degrees celsius at night.

International dialing code is +65. If you have international roaming, you don't have to press +65 because it will automatically connect to the local numbers.

For hotel reservations and accommodation, visit the 24-hour reservation counters at the airport.
Terminal 1: (65) 6542-6966
Terminal 2: (65) 6545-0318
Terminal 3: (65) 6542-0442

Should you happen to lose any of your valuables, call the Tanglin Divisional Headquarters (21 Kampong Java Road, Tel #(65) 6391-0000 or Tel # 1800-391-0000) to report the incident. For lost passport, you are advised to make a police report then head to the Immigration and checkpoints Authority (10 Kallang Road, Tel # (65) 6391-6100) to get a temporary visa.

Smoking is not allowed in air-conditioned areas such as shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment outlets and cinemas. It is also prohibited in public buses, MRT, trains, taxis and lifts. A maximum fine of S$1,000 for 1st-time offenders.

Shopping in Singapore is Tax Free. Tourists will enjoy the full refund of the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) that you paid on your goods you're taking home. How? Global Blue and Premier Tax Free are two service providers processing  GST refunds. Shop where you the sign "Global Blue Tax Free" and "Premier Tax Free" and ask the salesperson for a Global Blue Tax Refund Cheque or a Premier Refund Voucher when you purchase worth S$100 and above. Then, simply show the cheque or voucher  together with the purchased items, receipts and passport to the Customs officer at the GST Refund Inspection Counter.

Mode of Transportation

Singapore has Public buses, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), and Taxis. Public bus is the cheapest mode of transportation, taking you anywhere around Singapore. Public bus route can be found at or or you can call transitlink hotline:1800-225-5663. MRT, Singapore's world-class train system, operates from 6am until midnight. MRT Fare starts from S$1.00 (70 cents w/ EZ-Link Card). Tickets are sold at all MRT stations. Train routes can be found at or call transitlink hotline:1800-225-5563. Tourist may buy EZ Link Card which will be used in riding public buses and MRT trains.  The card is valued at S$15; S$10 is the stored amount of the card and S$5 is the non-refundable cost of the card. There are also Taxis available, four major taxi companies are:  Comfort and City Cab; Premier Taxis; and SMRT Taxis. Its starting fare is between S$2.80 and S#3.20, but extra charges are imposed for advanced booking or certain peak hours. You can dial 6-Dial-Cab at (65)6342-5222 which automatically route your call to the first taxi company with an available taxi. For those tourist seeking for adventure, you can ride a Hippo Bus, River Taxis, and Trishaw.

And, if you are not decided where to go, you can drop by at any of the Singapore Visitors Centers for advice. Please see below:
Singapore Visitors Center @ Changi Airport
Singapore Visitors Center @ Bugis Street
Singapore Visitors Center @ Orchard
Singapore Visitors Center @ ION Orchard

Stay updated online? You can access free wireless broadband by signing for Wireless@SG account. Internet speed is up to 512kbps in most areas. More info is available at

Singapore Hotline Numbers:

Fire Brigade............................995
Flight Information....................1800-542-4422

Medical Services:
Raffles Hospital.......................(65) 6311-1111
Singapore General Hospital.....(65) 6222-3322
Gleneagles Hospital.................(65) 6473-7222     

CONTENT SOURCES: Singapore Tourism Board's "Your Essential Singapore Guide" and


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