Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Pinoy Biyahero in Bantayan, Island Part 2: Experience Serenity by the sea!

Bantayan, Island in Cebu has always been compared to Boracay. It is popular by its powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear water. But Bantayan is more than just the beach, tranquility is what defines Bantayan Island. 

Me and my best travel buddy, Gold, had a sojourn to the Island. On our day 2, I woke up around 5:00am to witness the sunrise. However, I was disappointed because it rained. I decided to go back to slumberland. Around 8:30am, we went to the resort's restaurant and ordered for breakfast. Menus are quite expensive. Fried danggit+sunny side up+fried rice+coffee+orange juice priced at 175Php per order. Taste was just so so and flies were all over the place, that really pissed me off. But what could we do? We just dealt with it because it was our choice anyway to eat at the rooftop bar. After we're done eating, we opted to take a nap on the hammock while waiting for the sun to come out. When finally the sun showed up, we went down the shore. We were actually eager enough to go swimming but to my dismay black jelly fishes were scattered on the shoreline. We saw a group of kids taking out the jelly fish and bury it on the sand. I asked them why is it that there were a lot of it that day, they said that black jelly fishes really appeared during the month of June. I was looking around and wondering if the other resorts had the same dilemma. We decided to rove around the adjacent resorts and observed that there were actually resort guests swimming on their beach front. I guess Jelly Fishes have already been scraped from the sea. I was wondering why tickety boo were not doing the same. Luckily, beaches in Bantayan are open to the public.  That means you can do swimming anywhere you want even in front of the other resorts. We stopped in front of Beach Placid and soaked in the crystal clear blue water of the Island. I would say Bantayan Island has the best beach in Cebu and better than the crowded Boracay, right? A complete relaxation is what you'll get when you are in Bantayan Island. A swimming spree from around 10:00-2:00pm, how's that? It was actually cold down under the sea. We couldn't feel the heat of the sun and as a result, we were like grilled. Mapula-pula parang BBQ!:). Ayaw na sana nameng huminto eh pero gutom na kasi. Kaya siguro naging kulay BBQ na kami!:)) 

We took a quick shower and went to Sta. Fe Market. Saktong sakto sa hitsura namen, BBQ ang ulam for late lunch!:) Just an observation, foods in the Island are sold at a higher price. Maybe because it needs to be imported to the Island thus, transportation cost is added. 

Right after our lunch we visited their public market. We were planning to buy fish/seafoods and have it cooked by the local. We learned it from trisikad drivers that there are locals near the resorts offering the service. However, we were not able to buy some because that time fish/seafood stocks were already unavailable. We just made use of the time visiting their church, Sto. Nino Church, roaming around the town center, bought chicheria, tanduay ice, etc. and off to tickety boo for a power nap. The trisikad driver offered us fresh buko juice for 20Php per buko which was available just beside the resort. It was contained in a pitcher (just don't forget to return the pitcher..hehe!) and if you would request for a cold one, they'll buy you an ice. It was also our way to sneak in our goods without getting charged with a corkage fee by letting the driver brought it together with the buko juice at the back door (the beach front) Good idea, right?:).  Another cost-cutting tip!haha      

To cover up my disappointment on failing to witness the sunrise, we stayed at the beach front as the sun set and enjoyed the rest of the night together! Time always runs fast when you're with the one that you want to spend the rest of your life!:) 


Kit Gana said...

Bantayan Island is truly an amazing island. I really enjoy the white sand when I visited this place.


tianexx said...

@Kit: Amazing, indeed! BTW, thanks for dropping by..:)

geemiz said...

I so love bantayan. There resorts have better food compared sa Camotes... :)

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