Saturday, September 8, 2012

Virgin Islet in Bantayan, Island Cebu

Your Bantayan Escapade wouldn't be complete without visiting the islets of Bantayan, specially Virgin Island (but technically an islet). A 15-minute ride from Sta. Fe using a motorized boat which usually rented up to Php800. Actually, we had no plan of going there since we were about to leave at 12:00pm that day. However, we were offered with a good deal at Php600 for a boat fee. We were unsure at first but then eventually decided to grab it. Before we left, we bought fresh squid+charcoal and rice. No foods are being sold in the islet so don't forget to bring some for lunch. You could just find sea foods sold on residential area just near the Sta. Fe Beach and let the Bangkero cook it in the Island but still you have to pay the resources used for cooking like spices and etc. Upon entry at Virgin Islet, you will need to pay Php200 per person as entrance fee and Php50 for the cottage rental.   

These photos were taken just near the shoreline. You don't need to bring waterproof camera or a waterproof case because you can just shoot a fish or a group of fishes without drowning your camera. 


Rene Leandro Padilla said...

I have never been to Bantayan. Will visit this place soon.

Nice post.

Kristian Lloyd Etulle said...

@Rene: Hi! visiting bantayan island is really a must.. and share your stories too :) Thanks for dropping by..

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